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RT Motion + CineNick Monitor/Rx // Follow Focus

RT Motion + CineNick Monitor/Rx // Follow Focus

  • Brand: RT Motion

CineNick's accessories for the RT Motion create a perfect complement for any focus puller, allowing to feed the focus control, monitor and receiver comfortably with a Sony NP battery and increase ergonomics when working above all with wireless video assistance.

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  • Brand: RT Motion
  • Battery Type: V-Lock and Sony NP-F
  • Connections: 3x Motor inputs, 1x Aux port, 1x Cam port, 1x Power input
  • Includes: MK3.1 Controller, Reciever and 1x Motor, CineNick Mod, 2x NP batteries and charger, Monitor and RX power cables, V-Lock Battery + Charger, SDI, HandGrip, Flexible Gear, Case.


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