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Matte Box

Matte Box

  • Brand: Arri

The Arri's Famous LMB-25 clip-on includes three stages to put 4x5 / 4x5.65 filters and 95mm/ 110mm/ 114mm diameter clamp adapters. Also, it includes an Arri tray catcher, to secure filters and a set of mattes.

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  • Brand: Arri
  • Filter diameter: 95mm, 110mm, 114mm, 134mm
  • Gross weight: 0,91 Kg
  • Sunhood: Yes
  • Includes: Arri Clip-On LMB-25 (4“ x 5.65“) + Aros Adaptadors (95mm / 110mm/ 114mm/ 134mm), LMB-25 Set of Mattes, LMB Tray Catcher, Sun Hood.


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