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SL1 MIX // Full Color // LED

SL1 MIX // Full Color // LED

  • Brand: DMG Lumière

DMG Lumière SL1 MIX lights have a unique patented technology of 6 different types of LED (Red, Lima, Green, Blue, Amber and White) that provide a wide variety of combinations that allow to create any color mixture, being its most outstanding functionality to simulate the entire catalog of color filters ROSCO. A lightweight and thin structure along with a mobile app ideal for a quick control, make the light one of the most versatile LED panels on the market.

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  • Brand: DMG Lumière
  • Battery Type: It needs battery with voltage between 24 - 35 VDC
  • Size: 1118 x 205 x 37mm
  • Net weight: 4.18 kg
  • Light source: LED
  • Color temperature: 1700 - 10000ºK
  • Power Consumption: 200W
  • Includes: LED Panel & Diffuser, SL1 Mini Mix Controller, Extension Cable, SL1 Power Supply, Battery Mount, 2x Barndoors, DoP Choice Snapgrid with Softbag, Dop Choice Snapbag with Softbag, 1x Dome with Softbag, 1x Lollypop Mount, Rigid bag


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