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Genus Mini JIB

Genus Mini JIB

  • Brand: Genus / Libec

Compact and lightweight, this jib has been designed specially for DSLR video and for time lapse. The rental includes the jib with a Manfrotto camera hot shoe mount, a Libec tripod with LX7 head, the Genus MoCo motion system control and also 4.5 Kg of weight to counterbalance the camera while mounted on the jib. Take it everywhere with you and add dynamism to your video/time lapse productions.

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  • Brand: Genus / Libec
  • Maximum height: 340.5 cm mounted on LX7
  • Minimum Height: 40 cm mounted on LX7
  • Loading capacity: 4.5 Kg
  • Includes: - JIB, JIB Original Tranport Case, Moco Motor + AA battery support, Moco Motor Soft Bag, Libec Tripod LX7M, LX7M hot shoe, LX7M Bag, 5x Counterweight (4.5kg)


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