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The evolution of black and white film
A review of the evolution in black and white reels and the technical aspects of the different existing films.
2020: The Alexa Mini still reigns
We've entered the new decade and it seems that the Alexa Mini is still the most versatile digital film camera in the Alexa range.
Anamorphic optics: History and characteristics
An ideal option to give a special and more cinematic touch to a production and that is why it is increasingly becoming one of the preferred options for many cinematographers worldwide
LEICA: The day plate cameras were changed for 400gr
A principis del segle XX, les càmeres de plaques suposaven un gran inconvenient per als fotògrafs tant pel pes, com per la quantitat d'instruments que havien de portar amb si.

Camera sensors

Camera sensors
Every digital camera is composed of a sensor. It is responsible for the image registration. But what elements form a sensor?
Camera movements - Part III
In this post we will look at three different ways to move the camera freely: the handheld camera, the stabilized camera and the subjective camera.
Waveform monitor, an essential tool
Both cameras and video assistance equipment on set come with many tools to help you work in and speed up all types of production, especially those that require speed and precision.
Camera movements - Part II
In this post we will go a step further and talk about camera movements using a moving point.
5 photogenic spots in Barcelona
Small compilation of some locations perhaps unknown to some, or that for others is like being home, but above all they have that charm that only a city like Barcelona can offer.
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